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Supporting Facts: With 6 billion people on the planet, each person could have 1249 square feet in Texas, enough for a small house and yard, and if you partner up with someone, you would have 2498 square feet for a larger house and yard. A family of four would have almost 5,000 square feet, for a large house and yard. Go to

Great Cover of Outkast

Cover of Hey Ya by Outkast from Matt Weddle of Obadiah Parker. Millions have seen this but it's still worth a post.

Osama bin Laden, Playboy

No, I do not want to be terrorized, but this is just fact.
Before becoming a terrorist, Osama bin Laden led the life of a playboy. Born around 1957 to a wealthy Yemeni father and Syrian mother, bin Laden was heir to part of the massive fortune his billionaire father had accumulated in the Saudi construction business. Naturally, he squandered his days, acquiring a reputation for drinking too much and womanizing in his teens and early 20s in Beirut, a cosmopolitan tourist hot spot. He didn’t become a firmly committed, full-time Islamic radical until he went to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. That’s where Osama began his improbable transformation from a rakish ladies’ man to a mass-murdering zealot, never having worked a day before then. Get more from



Yet another great Tee-Shirt site like just for you. This time it's from Brazil. Enjoy and buy, buy, buy.


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Saad Moosajee is a 15 year old English Digital Artist, currently in America. He is already the Creative Director of slashTHREE, a collective of artists publishing and exhibiting. Find more of his work at

ARTISTICA 007 : Markku Lahdesmaki


In the KAR-MA Sutra, everyone you screw will screw you back.

YESSSS!!!! Guinness is ACTUALLY good for you.

This is from 2003!!! The BBC reported then that the old advertising slogan "Guinness is Good for You" may be true after all. A pint of the black stuff a day may work as well as a low dose aspirin to prevent heart clots that raise the risk of heart attacks. Drinking lager does not yield the same benefits. Guinness were told to stop using the slogan decades ago - and the firm still makes no health claims for the drink. The Wisconsin team who tested the health-giving properties of stout against lager, gave it to dogs who had narrowed arteries similar to those in heart disease. They found that those given the Guinness had reduced clotting activity in their blood, but not those given lager. Original article here. I wonder if Guinness will pay me for blogging about this? Heck, a night of Guinness will do just fine.

Junior Rock Gods and Goddesses

The guys at have compiled a list of some amazing kid musicians playing Ozzy, Hendrix and even Van Halen. Since I like Kings of Leon, that's the one you'll find below. Click here for more.

Architectural Art Installations has compiled 12 installations where artists improve even beautiful architectural wonders, turning them into something more creative and meaningful. These architectural art installations make use of everything from the Sydney Opera House to a decaying factory.

The Most Annoyingly Catchy Thing Today. You Were Warned!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sex Doll for Horny Doggies

Yes, that's true, no more leg grinding on not very amused guests. No more icky stains on your furniture or... err, cat. Brazil's Petsmiling thinks its cornered the market with the DoggieLoveDoll, the world's first dog sex toy. Learn more from Baltimore Sun.
AP Photo/Andre Penner.


Monday, July 27, 2009


A friend of mine gets his tees from, an online t-shirt company (with only one offline store in Chicago) that encourages user participation by allowing digital artists to submit their designs to be featured. And he doesn't want anyone to know about them. So I'll post them anyway... hehe.

Amazing 3D Building Projection, Watch for Wow

555 KUBIK_ extended version from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

Yasmin Ahmad Final Interview July 21, 2009

The last 12 minutes for most of us with a true visionary. Rest in peace.

Naked Cowboy runs for New York Mayorship

In what may be the best campaign slogan ever, the Naked Cowboy has announced his bid to run for New York City mayor on November 3rd. For more nakedness go to his campaign Web site, here.

What is One Trillion Dollars?

From Jess Bachman, from! Created for

Why is it called WD-40?

Norm Larsen was trying to create a spray that repelled water and prevented corrosion. The “WD” stands for Water Displacement – the basic purpose of the product. He found the perfect formulation on the 40th attempt. Hence, WD-40. Find more at

Video Single 001

Crying Lightning - Arctic Monkeys

The "I'm Moving On For Good" Image to send to your ex

Yo Comments Are Whack

Funny stuff from Sister Salad. Enjoy.



Mini - Minimalism

Friday, July 24, 2009


I Want...


Nikon's guerilla-styled launch of the D700 camera in Korea.

At a busy Seoul subway station, Nikon's huge interactive, light-box billboard displayed images of paparazzi. Passersbys automatically triggered flashing camera lights. The accidental superstars then followed the red carpet all the way out of the station and into a mall - directly into the store where they could purchase the new D700.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Be honest guys, how many of you will dump your girl if she became fat?

AskMen has the results of their 2nd Great Male Survey, with more than 50,000 readers worldwide. The survey asks what was on the modern man's mind across a variety of topics. The results may not please everyone... some which are:

10.38% - Own more than seven pairs of shoes
9. 78% - Require more than $1 million to retire comfortably
8. 77% - Think moral standards in business are on the decline
7. 84% - Think it’s important that a girlfriend have "wife potential"
6. 83% - Are actively environmentally friendly
48% - Would dump a girlfriend if she became fat
4. 78% - Exaggerate in the sex stories they tell to friends
3. 36% - Are scared of terrorists
2. 83% - Surf the web on their phone
1. 91% - Believe in marriage

Ladies, go directly to for more.



Kit Kat Chunky - Footbasket

Are Taglines Redundant?

Let's face it, there are too many companies, logos and taglines. So I wrote something a while back addressing how redundant the tagline has become. Click below for larger, more readable version.


Now, that's a rather useful design. The toothbrush, with its specially crafted rear, lets you squeeze out the littlest bit of toothpaste that remains in the end of the tube, allowing you to minimize on the wastage. More at The Design Blog.

Yasmin Ahmad in ICU, Twitter Top Ten

Critically acclaimed Malaysian film and TV commercial director Yasmin Ahmad is in critical condition after collapsing during a presentation at a TV station TV3 this afternoon. Yasmin, who gained prominence for a series of commercials touching on community messages for Malaysian gas and petroleum giant Petronas, began her career as a copywriter before rising to become a creative force in the advertising industry.

She was recently inducted into the inaugural Malaysian Advertising Hall of Fame by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia. She won the Asian Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival for Sepet in 2004. Sepet and its sequel Gubra won the Best Film award at the Malaysian Film Festival in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Her other films include Mukhsin (2006), Muallaf (2008) and the recently released Talentime.

Yasmin was due to start shooting for a new project in Japan called Forget Me Not with a Japanese producer at the end of the year.

The sheer volume of posts with the words Yasmin Ahmad has propelled her name to the top the list of Twitter's top-10 trending topics, beating Michael Jackson and Tim Burton's Alive in Wonderland.


Gisele Bundchen from Craig McDean for Interview Magazine March 2009.

Learn from Edison Chen, don't trust your PC repairman.

Ai ya ya yaya... When Sky News in the UK dropped a brand new laptop off at several repair shops in London (equipped with a key logger and sneaky video recording software) they caught employees accessing personal data, hacking accounts for banking and social networking sites, and charging for unnecessary work. What do you have in yours?
Click for video at
Sky News.

Is 3D Food Better Than The Real Thing?

This is what happens when real food isn't good enough. This is an entirely CGI spot. CGI fries and the Big Mac, the fry box, Dr. Pepper, ice, bubbles, smoke, straw, environment, etc.

KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Cracked?

Colonel Sanders' Secret Recipe of 11 herbs and spices, the best-kept culinary secret in the world may have just been cracked by finance manager Ron Douglas, an avid cook and Kentucky Fried Chicken fan. Read more at recipe perhaps...
— 1 teaspoon ground oregano
— 1 teaspoon chili powder
— 1 teaspoon ground sage
— 1 teaspoon dried basil
— 1 teaspoon dried marjoram
— 1 teaspoon pepper
— 2 teaspoons salt
— 2 tablespoons paprika
— 1 teaspoon onion salt
— 1 teaspoon garlic powder
— 2 tablespoons Accent

1000 WORDS 003

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Samsung Jet - Superfast Stunt

The Largest Bankruptcies in History

When General Motors began the fourth largest bankruptcy proceedings in history, they joined the many other large and venerable companies that have sunk to the bottom during this economic crisis. In fact, eight of the 20 largest bankruptcies have happened during the last two years of crisis. Good Magazine has it all.

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The Vatican Reviews Harry Potter

Among the countless reviews of the latest Potter flick, The Vatican weighed in with theirs and gave it two thumbs up. The Pope has said in the past that the series has the power to “corrupt the Christian faith in souls even before it could properly grow.” But a review in the Vatican’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, praised the new movie for showing the lines of good and evil and the message that the fight for good requires sacrifice.

The Catholic Church has been reviewing movies for decades. There’s even an office called the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. They review movies to help parents and adults trying to find morally acceptable films and have created their own rating scale. In 1995, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of cinema, the Vatican released their list of the 45 Best Movies. Even “2001: A Space Odyssey” makes the cut, showing just how good the Pope’s taste can be. Go to for more.

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ARTISTICA 006 : Dave Hill

Dave Hill recently released a new website. It also has a behind the scenes section where you can see the photo shots and clear out some doubts about how his work is done, it also has a blog and a display of his personal work.